NOAA All-Hazards Emergency Alert Radios

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Athens County EMA and LEPC have partnered with Alert Works in offering this NOAA All-Hazards Alert Radio at a very competitive price. Also known as “NOAA Weather Radio”, this device is the recommended way to receive alerts for severe weather and other types of life threatening hazards, with emergency notices issued from Athens County EMA, the National Weather Service, and the Department of Homeland Security.

All proceeds from the sale of these radios helps to provide them to schools, long term care facilities, and other critical infrastructure facilities within Athens County. Protect yourself, your family and those at your business with a NOAA All-Hazards Alert Radio, and in turn help out others in our area!

With S.A.M.E. Localized Programmability, NOAA and Public Alert Certified

The EAR-10 Emergency Alert Radio with Weather allows the user to program the radio so that it only alerts for the desired warnings in the selected county. Warnings come immediately and directly from the source of all severe weather warnings at your local National Weather Service office.

Product Features

  • Alert Feature – Radio automatically activates to warn of pending danger from weather or civil emergencies.

  • 7 NOAA Channels – Listen to the latest weather forecast with the touch of a button, directly from the National Weather Service.

  • S.A.M.E. Reception – Localize reception for only the alerts you want to hear. Select your county only or multiple counties in your area.

  • Time and Alarm Clock – Multi-function and large backlit display make it ideal for any room in the house.

  • User Selectable Warning System – Select from voice or siren alerts.

  • 90 Decibel Alert Siren – Loud enough to be heard from any room in the house or to awaken the soundest of sleepers.

  • LED Alert Level Indicators – 3 lights indicate alert level (Watch, Warning, or Statement) and remain on for the duration of the alert.

  • Emergency Battery Back-up – The monitor will stay on even during a power outage. (Requires 4 “AA” batteries [not included])